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At J.P.P.S we believe that a child is not getting ready to live but is living. J.P.P.S has a vibrant and child friendly way of teaching where students are taught using hands-on activities, learning by doing, and focusing on satisfying a child’s inquisitive mind by clearing concepts.

The school is surrounded by natural beauty. Classrooms are bright, well-lit and cheerful. The teachers are loving, caring and passionate. They implement a happy blend of Montessori and traditional teaching approaches.

At J.P.P.S students are taught through theme based activities. Language is taught through phonetic sounds. Investigation, exploration and discovery are key features of teaching. To stimulate learning the school has a well- equipped activity room where students can discover the world around them. Multimedia and audio visual aids further facilitates learning and aids in five- fold development i.e. physical, social, emotional, mental and spiritual development.

The school has working hours for students keeping in mind the harsh weather conditions in the area. It functions for five days in a week giving children enough time to spend at home.

Admission Process

  1. In Nursery, admission is given on first come first serve basis depending on the availability of seats.
  2. To seek admission in L.K.G and U.K.G, a copy of transfer certificate from the school previously attended is required along with a copy of birth certificate and Aadhar card.
  3. Age is the only criteria for admission.

Age criteria to be considered

Class Age as on 01- 03- 2022
Nursery 3 years +
Lower Kinder Garten 4 years +
Upper Kinder Garten 5 years +