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House System

house system

“ Youth is the best time to acquire good habits, because the habits we develop as young, determine our victory in future life” The concept of house is included in the school system with a motive to inculcate team spirit in students. Following the same, we place a high value on learning with working as a team and the benefit of good behavior.

Club Activities

club activities

Extra curricular activities are those activities which are not the components of an academic curriculum but an integral part of educational environment. The main aim of extracurricular activities is to help a student develop his personality.

Student Council

student council

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” The school aims at building leaders of tomorrow and to inculcate leadership qualities in the students, for this the school has a ‘Student Council’.  The students who pass the criteria are nominated by the Principal and teachers. The nominated candidates are then elected by the students through voting.